Chris Kelley: Designer & Developer.

I’ve been in this industry for over 15 years and have had the privilege to work for some amazing brands, agencies and people from around the globe.

My focus is on interactive design, front end development & animation for a vast range of digital products. My strengths lie in the ability to combine the stages of design and development for a more cohesive approach. I see every project as an opportunity to go further, providing clients and employers with quality products and a great working relationship. I thrive on learning and pushing the boundaries, not replicating them.

Occasionally, I’m still available for interesting side projects & I’m always down for a chat. Send me an email (hello[at]digitalcraft[dot]co) or follow me on Twitter.


  • FWA - Mobile of the Day - RIOT Games: Thunderdome
  • FWA - Mobile of the Day - Super Top Secret
  • FWA - Mobile of the Day - Oregon Gridiron
  • ADOBE CUTTING EDGE AWARD - Oregon Gridiron
17/18 Selected works comimg soon. I'm too busy right now.